Monday, July 07, 2014

Monday Must-Reads (June 7)

Photo: Linda Nylind for The Guardian

Happy Monday y'all. It's been another week of summer here at the house and this coming week is CRAZY with extra activities on top of our regularly scheduled broadcast of two working parents. I try to keep my phone (with my Feedly reader app) near me through most of the downtime because I love reading, yeah? Here's what I stumbled across this week that may be worthy of your time. 

Soraya Chemaly wrote for the Huffington Post "10 Words Every Girl Should Learn" about common communication dynamics involved in male-female interactions, specifically in the workplace. (I gotta say though, while studies support the idea that women have these experiences all the time (and I've had 'em, too), I work with a boatload of men who listen well and value what I have to say. 

"I Wore a Bikini and Nothing Happened" is Jenny Trout's description of her bold swimsuit experiment as a plus-sized woman. 
"The reason these people do not want to see a fat body in a bikini is because traditionally, that garment is something a woman earns by proving herself attractive enough to exist. If fat women begin wearing them without shame or fear, what's next? Will they have self-esteem? Will they demand respect? Then what will keep them in their proper place? How would conventionally attractive people judge them?"

And Rage Against the Minivan had two great parenting posts: "How to get kids to do just about anything" and "On why I make my kids do things they don't want to do."

Until next time! Happy reading!

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