Sunday, May 05, 2013

On 35

Here's what came of navel-gaze-y conversations this week:

I was the kid in a hurry to grow up. Race, run, climb, move up the ladder. Get done, there, fast. High school, marriage, kids, grad school, credentials for what have you. I was precocious, my friends were always older. But at some point, you catch up, get 'er done. At some point all the obvious and expected "firsts" have either happened to us or we've given up on them happening ever.

Then what?

Of course, I'm not saying life is over! I'm saying it's a new day. I'm saying that all I've been obliged to complete and compete in and endeavor has at least been solidly started, and if not completed then on the path to it. Time to recalibrate. Time for some new dreams. Most of them have nothing to do with tests and studying (for the first time in 20 years).

Paint more walls in my house
Grow a vegetable garden (successfully)
Grow kombucha.
Advance in kettlebell training.
Ride my bike more.
Go to more soccer games.
Play soccer
Try out for a play
Invent delicious, nutritionally dense recipes that my family LOVES and can't live without (tall order)
Get so good on the keyboard that it's easy all the time
Get so good at harmony that it's easy all the time
Read more books
Install wood flooring
Take risks with giving generously
Challenge others to take risks
Give up on scales forever
Complete ministerial ordination
Go to the L.A. Dream Center
Go on more mission trips
Have another "easy" baby
Help people connect with people
Help people connect with God
Be my girls' biggest fan
Teach them how to cook
Teach them how to play keys (if they want to--I think they do?  Or maybe I just want them to want to)
Pray. More.
Conduct group inductive Bible studies
Laugh more
Be patient no matter what
Be joyful no matter what
Be faithful no matter what
Be truthful no matter what
Be selfless
Be humble
Buy a self-propelled mower and mow a whole yard without quitting
Practice hospitality. More.
Stop checking email between the hours between 3 and 6 p.m. on weekdays
Have more parties
Invite neighbors I hardly know
Make new friends
Hang on to old ones