Monday, September 08, 2014

Monday Must-Reads (September 8, 2014)

Photo: Linda Nylind for The Guardian

Happy Monday, y'all. So, I read as much as I normally do this week and there wasn't as much that moved me as usual. But here are three little tidbits that got me kind of excited.  The first one, the one I'm calling the amazing screen-time experiment, appears to be absolutely genius on the surface. It took me, I don't know, fifteen minutes after reading it to implement and design my own version. And now my children are asking to get up early to do chores (!) and read (!) and do "productive, creative activities" (!). Jury's still out on the longevity of this plan, but Day 3 is going great. 

Sarah Bessey's here, on seasons of our lives where we haven't quite grown in all the ways we'll be glad we've grown later, and being gracious toward our younger selves: I know. I'm sorry. I hope I was kind.

And, this week was a double header for hearing that two babies were coming to two moms who've experienced long roads of miscarriage and infertility in their mama years: love this story from, again, Sarah: "173 beats a minute: on one surprising little baby and the possibility of tiny miracles."

Have a good one!

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