Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Must-Reads (And Watches), June 30

Photo: Linda Nylind for The Guardian

Happy Monday from the rainy Midwest!

We keep getting overtaken by storm clouds this week, usually right when I've had the impulse to finish the paint job on the weathered porch boards at the back of the house. Ahhh. Home updates. Who said summer was the time to do that?

This week I've been caught up in a bunch of posts from bloggers who recently traveled to SE Asia with Exodus Road, an organization purposing to end child slavery. These bloggers were "undercover" in a manner of speaking as they accompanied investigators onto the streets and into brothels with the purpose of ferreting out signs of sex slavery and human trafficking. The writers were there to give a voice to what they saw and heard; their stories are worth the read.

Rage Against the Minivan defines "The Difference Between Sex Trafficking and Sex Tourism" and shares a poignant interview with two SE Asian women: "What I Learned About Sex Trafficking From an Evening with Two Prostitutes." Jamie the Very Worst Missionary, describes the precariousness of telling the stories of those who have been trafficked: "A Million Ways to Say it Wrong." You can find more blogger reports here.

On a lighter note, Rachel Held Evans announced the advent of a new service for serious bloggers: Wylio, "a site that lets bloggers (and others) find, resize, attribute, and embed creative commons images, all in a few painless steps."  Sign me up!

On a much, much lighter note, this was too cute not to share. It's Tiny--a little perfectionista, a little type-A--working on her rendition of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" Moms and dads of Frozen fans, you will understand. 

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