Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Must-Reads (and Watches) and Book GIVEAWAY!

[Photo: Linda Nylind for the Guardian]
I spoke at our LIFEchurch women’s event this past Friday on what was a combination of my journey and my thoughts on the pain in our lives and the hope and redemption that so often comes around the corner of all that pain. Sarah Bessey’s post, In Which I’m Learning to Obey the Sadness," and her video, “You Are Not Forgotten,” so beautifully dovetailed with all of my thoughts. And, she says it better than I ever could. So check her out.

Rachel Held Evans announced that she’ll be “Blogging the Lectionary” on Thursdays for the foreseeable future, and she’s invited other bloggers to do the same. I must say I’m intrigued. I grew up non-denominational and pentecostal, which means we didn’t do the lectionary, but I love the idea of systematically coming to the same portions of scripture with other ministers week after week, the community wrestling with the meaning and significance of these particular passages. Check out Rachel's site on Thursdays and look in the comments section for links from other bloggers to their own lectionary blogging.

And here's something for all you foodies: I found The Spunky Coconut blog by Kelly Brozyna last year and checked out a book of hers at the library. She's got a knack for perfecting the (often raw and vegan) kind of treats so many of us love (sans dairy, wheat, eggs and soy). Her pecan pie, sweetened with dates and prunes, rocked my world last well as her cashew milk for homemade frappucinos. Sigh. She's now releasing a compilation of ALL her cookbooks as a reasonably priced e-book: Real Food Recipes from The Spunky Coconut! I swear to you that I literally was checking prices on her individual cookbooks a week or so ago and was delighted to see this. FWIW, foodies.

And FINALLY, my big announcement. On June 23, I'll be announcing the winner of a FREE copy of Dear Boy,. Wanna be considered for the drawing? Here's how: Follow my blog by either signing up to have new posts delivered to your email inbox OR subscribe to the site posts by adding it to a blog reader that you use, such as Feedly. Sign up easily at the prompts on the right-hand side of the page here. Once you've done so, comment on any post letting me know you are following and how you are doing it. Your name will go into the drawing for a free book and the winner will be announced in June.

Happy Monday!

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