Friday, January 31, 2014

Notes #18

In a house full of three girls, things are bound to happen.  And let me just say that things are happening, people. Things that I'm not allowed to put on FB or blog, not allowed to text or whisper to any other living soul. Because when you have growing-up-girls, the things-that-happen are the stuff of the innermost feelings and insecurities and making-her-way-in-the-world. This week, I've been honored to be not just a witness, but a curator of their growing-up-environment and the person who hears the secret offered in quiet, shares the advice, and is privileged to know the code words and the hand signals meant for my ears and eyes only.  And sometimes, I'm just an observer. And I see things like this, that happen without me even knowing quite how, and they make me smile.

Sickness. Plague hit our home first with the husband and then with Tiny.  See the counter top behind Tiny's head? Those are all the things we gave her to stop her asthmatic coughing. Her plague cost us about $100 in medications that didn't work or get used, for various reasons, and then I found some prednisone from earlier this year that knocked that cough down a few notches. The "cold air" and the "steam" recommendations from nurses-on-call were really not cutting it.  I'm telling ya, moms really do know a few things.  I wasn't quite sure, however, if Oldest had outgrown some of those pesky nut allergies. Do you know she ate a [highly processed, likely protein-destroyed sliver of] a walnut last month and not a thing happened??  Last time she did that, she landed in the emergency room.  So I took her into her new allergist (a doctor who's seen me since I was Oldest's age) and they scratched her up a bit with food proteins and toothpicky-things.  Number 3 is "Almond," meaning she's not allergic to that anymore, but the walnut reaction flared up with a wicked itch and swelling. Go figure.  In case you're wondering what the negative reaction to almonds means, well, it really won't change her life.  Doctors categorically recommend you avoid all tree nuts if you are allergic to any--simply because of factory contamination and cross-reactivity that could possibly occur. 

Right now Middle is waiting for me to come watch Toddlers & Tiaras with her. She's home sick (fever, headache, yada yada) and she's discovered that shows on TLC just aren't that fun to watch without someone with whom to make snide comments with about said shows. So, off I go to snuggle and feel great about the fact that I have not subjected any of my daughters to spray tans, eyebrow waxing, false eyelashes, fake hair, high heels, or smiling lessons. Oh! There is much to be thankful for.

And...this one's just for fun....Happy Friday, everyone!

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