Wednesday, February 16, 2011

7 Reasons For Not Leaving Raven Street This Winter

My retired neighbor, or the man I refer to as the neighborhood watchdog, once inquired whether or not I had a Home Shopping Network addiction--because some weeks, he watched the packages pile up at my door. But no HSN for me, my friends. The truth is that I am the worlds most thrifty internet shopper, or I like to think so.  I know the sites, the minimum purchases for free shipping; I got a free student Amazon Prime account that ships me items in two days for free.  And Amazon Prime is really the new Sam's Club membership, people. I'm not kidding. Check it out.

So, anyhoo, here are a bunch of items, separated by web site location, for which I did not have to lug my children out in below-zero windchills on winter days to go in search of/register for in the last month. The happy news is that I ended up paying nada in shipping fees. All items, except for one, were significantly discounted.

1) 7th Generation Dishwasher Detergent, Earth's Best blueberries and apple jar baby food, Middle's handwriting book, a marriage enrichment book, an exercise dvd, pecans; cashews; dates.

2) flat, prefolded cloth diapers for Tiny

2) a dress for a special occasion

3) shoes for a special occasion

4) a bargain coat for Tiny's next winter, pants for Middle

5) natural, organic shampoo, conditioner, baby wipes, deodorant

6) an art class registration for Oldest

7) a Riff Trax for the movie Eclipse

I breathe gratitude for the Internet.

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